Our Expertise

Since 1989, Diversified Consulting Services has built it's name and reputation primarily by providing Construction Management services for our Nevada clients. In addition to that, DCS boasts a staff capable of providing a wide range of additional services for our clients here in the state of Nevada. For over 29 years, we have served our clients in a variety of different and have experienced staff to provide any needs that our clients may have.

Materials Management

DCS prides itself as a manager of all facets of Construction Management, including materials quality. Many of our core staff have worked as materials testers and each of our managers has managed the quality acceptance for materials for nearly our entire careers. We understand the critical nature of document recording, accuracy, process consistency, frequencies, and thorough documentation.

For over 25 years, DCS has self-performed the quality acceptance for both inspection and materials testing on all projects that DCS managed. Owning and operating as many as three fully functioning mobile materials laboratories, DCS not only understands materials testing, but we are industry leaders in managing construction materials quality acceptance.

Construction Surveying

Every person on DCS’s core staff began their careers on construction survey crews establishing grades, elevation and alignment controls, roadway appurtenance positioning and offsets, bridge controls, storm drains, sewers, utilities and grade controls for subgrade and aggregate base.

Working with the Contractor’s staff, DCS ensures everyone is understanding of survey needs, schedules, frequencies, and terminology. No project or Contractor should wait for surveying, have insufficient controls or inadequate information. By managing the construction surveying, we ensure a smoother delivery, reduced conflicts, and reduce delay claims. Our reputation, our licenses and our relationships with Contractors and clients are evidence of our success in managing construction surveying.

Claim Review & Support

Each of DCS’s management team has experienced difficult contractors and challenging projects. We’ve all received formal training on claim avoidance, negotiations, and defense. Our firm understands the importance and effectiveness of Partnering and that resolving issues promptly at the lowest level saves everyone, including the project, time and money.

In 27 years of doing business, DCS has never had a claim filed on one of our projects. However, we have worked extensively with attorneys, clients and project managers in defense of their positions and preparation for arbitration and litigation. With a combined experience in excess of 100 years in construction, we understand that Partnering and concise documentation are the keys to successful resolution of any conflict.

Schedule Review

Our staff at DCS has decades of experience in Construction Contract Administration and as a result, most of our key staff have a depth of experience in the area of reviewing Contractor schedules.

Reviewing and managing the Contractor's construction schedule is a major factor in helping to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Understanding Critical Path items and identifying potential schedule issues early, as well as working with the Contractor to avoid scheduling issues, is critical in helping to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Staff Augmentation

While a majority of our 25 year history has been spent in the area of Full Contract Administration, at DCS we have frequently helped our Nevada clients to successfully deliver their projects by providing Staff Augmentation for crews assigned to various projects around the State.

As a result of the diversity of our staff, we are able to provide for our Nevada clients a variety of personnel and services to fit their needs. Our staff has a wide range of experience working with clients and owners at the city, county and State DOT level.

Document Control

The accurate and timely documentation on construction projects for many of our Nevada clients is crucial, making Document Control one of the most critical factors in successfully delivering transportation construction projects.

At DCS, we understand the importance of Document Control and we have a staff of professionals with experience in Document Control systems such as SharePoint, Contract Manager/Expedition, and eDocs. In addition, many of our core staff have attended Documentation training such as NDOT Office School.